Yogti Epsom Salt Peppermint 5lb

Yogti Epsom Salt Peppermint 5lb

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  • Epsom Salt soak is an easy, achievable way to soothe sore muscles after workouts, help speed recovery, and get you back in the game of life
  • Epsom’s springs with magnesium sulfate, which helps ease muscle aches and pains, exfoliate dead skin cells, soothe sore feet, improve sleep, and reduce stress
  • Soak in Epsom salts and let the rich minerals offer a feeling of relief
  • Eucalyptus act as natural cooling agent
  • Combines pure Epsom Salt (magnesium sulphate) with luxurious essential oils to soothe the senses and ease the mind and body


Yogti Epsom Salt and the restorative qualities of essential oils so you can relax, rejuvenate and ready yourself for whatever life has in store.

Yogti Peppermint Epsom Salt

Yogti Premium Quality Peppermint Epsom salt is a pure mineral compound (Magnesium Sulfate) in crystal form. Soaking in an Epsom salt bath is one of the most effective means of making the magnesium readily available which is required by your body. Our Epsom Salt dissolve easily in warm water to help soothe muscle pain, relieve aching feet, cleanse pores, and detoxify the skin.

About Us

Yogti is a Canadian Brand located in Ontario. We deliver high quality products. For wholesale prices, discounts, safety tips visit our website.

Detox Bath

  • It’s a good pick for a detox bath because it promotes perspiration to help you sweat out toxins.

Natural Cooling Effect

  • Peppermint Help Give You That Extra Relaxation Effect By Cooling You Down.

Amazing Aromatherapy

  • Includes Therapeutic Pure Peppermint Essential Oil For The Best Bath Aroma Experience.

Pampers your Feet

  • Same as your body, your feet deserves pampering too.
  • To help give your feet that soft and smooth feeling. Experience that premium foot spa experience right at the comfort of your own home.

How to Use

  • Fill a bath tub with enough warm water to cover your body.
  • Add half or three-quarters of a cup of Epsom salt infused with eucalyptus and peppermint essential oil.
  • Soak for about 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Dry yourself thoroughly after the soak and then moisturize your body.

Precautions and side effects

  • Yogti Peppermint Epsom can produce irritation and a burning sensation if its applied on open wound or sensitive skin.
  • Hot or warm soaks should not be used by individuals with diabetes, except on advice of physician.
  • It should not be used too close to the eyes.
  • For External Uses only.
  • Consult a physician if irritation persists.




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